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How I cleared my face of acne over-night

December 19, 2012

Acnes are found to plaque countless of teenagers or 20-somethings across the modern world, causing a lot of humiliation and discomfort to those affected. Thankfully, there are several different effective remedy options that can be taken to eliminate acne fast. Ways and means used to clear away pimples vary, with ease person experiencing different levels of seriousness, which might need attention in different ways. More on Acne on Wikipedia


1.   Stop picking on your acne. You risk infecting the surrounding skin and have it propagated like wildfire and that's the least of your concerns. To add insult to injury, it risks scarring and that's even harder to remove.

2. CUCUMBER JUICE: Keeping with our vegetable theme, cucumbers are another food that is great for the skin. Applying the juice from this vegetable for about 15 minutes can tighten pores, and cause skin to react similarly to how carrots might. Cucumber juice can be washed off the face with warm water and a damp rag, as long as a gentle and soothing action is used. As weird and unhygienic as this might sound, trust me, cucumbers can work wonders.

3. Exfoliation - Taking the time to remove dead skin cells is also effective in combating problem skin areas due to its ability to soften and smooth the skin, brighten up the skins complexion, and to minimize future breakouts. A great number of exfoliating products are available to assist with this skin cleansing process.

4. Antibiotics - if everyday, over-the-counter type cleaners aren't having the desired effect, it might be necessary to take a look at the availability of antibiotics. Antibiotics aid in reducing inflammation, while also stopping future outbreaks through on going use. Available in topical or pill form, this type of medication also helps to kill the P. acnes bacteria. Tetracycline is one common medication prescribed for acne, and works by limiting the development of proteins in the bacteria. Although effective for most, these antibiotic treatments can cause scaling or dryness to the skin for some users.

5. Light Treatment - using a special type of heat wand, a doctor uses a particular type of light treatment to kill the acne causing bacteria. The aim of this treatment is to shrink the sebaceous glands, which in turn means a lot less sebum is produced, and from that, less overall acne. Repeated treatment is required for this to be effective.

Some of the recipes I found on this Spanish blog remedios caseros para las espinillas

I hope that these tips have helped you get started on your journey to getting rid of body acne. With the proper care you can expect some great results.

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